Manuals and Videos


This page provides links to a range of reference and training material. At the bottom of the page you will find links to an archive of historical videos related to our earlier work.

Training Videos

Video Translations

YouTube includes a facility to auto-translate these video tutorials into a language of your choice using subtitles.  To view these tutorials with subtitles start the video running and select full screen mode.  Then left-click on the settings (gear icon), which will pop up a short menu that included a subtitles option.  Select that option and select your language.  If you want to change languages left-click again and select ‘auto-translate’ which pops up a long list of alternative languages.

Inter-row Video Training Programme

This series of 6 videos covering all aspects of our inter-row guidance system is based on PowerPoint presentations we have been giving in person to our customers for some years. We will continue to give in person training where we can, but we hope these video versions will provide a useful supplement or a convenient alternative for busy people who may find it difficult to find time.

1. Introduction to the company and our technology

3. User screens

5. Use of service tools for fault diagnostics

2. Getting to know the system and its hardware

4. Setting up a new machine and initial field running

6. Configuration editor

Specific Topic Video Tutorials

These video tutorials are intended to assist end users and our machinery manufacturing customers with setting up and using our technology. We currently only cover some of the more common requirements, but we intend to add new videos covering new topics as well as keeping users up to date with product updates.

An introduction to inter row guidance

Vision guidance system camera setup

Service Tools

Configuration File Editor


We have two versions of our inter-row manual which can be downloaded below. The first is a full reference manual that covers information required by machinery manufacturers and dealers to set up and run our vision guidance system from scratch. This is currently only available in English, French, German and Spanish.

The second is a shorter user manual that covers the information required to operate an implement that has already been set up by the manufacturer or dealer. This is currently available in English, French, German and Italian languages.

Considerable effort has gone into the preparation of these manuals, but we appreciate that they will not be perfect. Constructive comments on how that might be improved are welcome.

The version number on the title page refers to the software revision to which that manual applies. If your software version is earlier than these manuals you could consider upgrading your software

Inter-row Reference Manual

Brief Operator Manual

Historic Videos

Our new experimental spot sprayer, the result of over 12 years of development,  is seen here controlling volunteer potatoes in onions during the 2020 season.

Our within-row weeding technology was developed as part of a collaborative project.  This video taken in 2008 shows two early hydraulically powered machines operating in salad and brassica crops. 

As part of a programme of continuous improvement we have developed an In-row weed with electrically powered rotors.  This enables us to achieve even higher speeds (5 plants/s) at higher accuracy with a very low power input.

This precision drenching application is based on a combination of our in-row and spot spraying technologies. A relatively large volume of water is placed close to roots for maximum efficiency.  Applications of this technology include fertilizer or biological crop protection product placement. 

Automatic thinning of drilled crops could dramatically reduce labour requirements. This mechanical thinner works well under suitable soil conditions, but we have also got good results using the same algorithms to control a thinner based on selective herbicide application. 

In 2005 we pioneered vision guidance of multiple independently steered sections.  This 12m span inter-row hoe comprises three 4m cultivator sections each with its own camera and side shifting frame. It is operating in organic cereals.

In 2005 we pioneered vision guidance of multiple independently steered sections. This 20m span high work rate vision guided band sprayer uses four cameras and four side shift sections. Precision placement provides opportunities for more effective treatment using less material.

This autonomous vehicle represented the start of our vision guided work and was publicly demonstrated in 1996. Guidance down rows was relative to crop rows and individual crop plants were squirted as an array of nozzles passed over them.

We have started to create a series of tutorial videos explaining how to set up our vision guidance systems.  This is the introductory tutorial links to the others can be found on the products page.