Tillett and Hague Technology was formed in 2005 on the closure of Silsoe Research Institute. Since then our company has focused on innovative research and development for computer vision-based guidance and control. Our business has evolved from one based largely on contract research into a manufacturer of our own vision guidance and control products that we sell to machinery manufacturers.

We have a broad range of expertise in the field of automation covering mechanical design, electronics, real time computing and control. This allows us to develop highly integrated cost-effective in-house engineering solutions.

Sustainable farming goals cannot be achieved by engineering alone and so we collaborate widely with industrial and academic partners in a variety of disciplines in order to ensure our technology fits usefully within wider agricultural systems.

Wrest Park, The Mansion, Bedford MK45 4HR


Nick Tillett
Tony Hague

Nick Tillett

Tony Hague

BSc, PhD, CEng, MIMechE, MIAgrE

 BSc, DPhil, CEng, MIEE

Nick is a mechanical engineer who worked in manufacturing industry followed by a period of agricultural automation research at Silsoe Research Institute. The latter ranging from Robot milking to cauliflower harvesting. His most recent work has concentrated on vision guidance for applications such as mechanical weed control and precision chemical application.  Nicks role includes company management, new application development and mechanical design.


Tony obtained a degree in computer systems engineering and went on to obtain his PhD in motion planning for autonomous vehicles. He has a long-standing interest in robotics and automation having worked on an autonomous container port vehicle before joining Silsoe Research Institute. His work at Silsoe concentrated on vision guidance and autonomous operation for field crop protection applications. Tony develops, designs and maintains our software and electronic control systems.

Tim Hales

Tim Hales

Tim’s completed an apprenticeship in electrical mechanical maintenance engineering. He joined Garford Farm Machinery in 2009 rising to become technical manager with responsibly for production, support and service of Robocrop products using Tillett and Hague vision guidance. He therefore has unparalleled practical experience of applying our technology to field machines.Tim is our applications engineer with additional responsibility for production.

Kevin King

Kevin King

BEng (Hons)

Kevin has a family farming background and went onto study Integrated Engineering (a fusion of electrical and mechanical engineering) at Anglia Ruskin University where he graduated in 2017. This mix of skills is particularly well suited to our work. He spent the early part of his career at Garford Farm Machinery where he became technical manager. Kevin’s current role is applications engineer to which he brings a vast amount of experience and expertise.


Isaac Anstee

Isaac has a degree in product design and is highly proficient in computer aided design. His role in the company includes mechanical product design and graphical design for manuals and other documentation. He is also very proficient on the production side, building many of our products from implement modules to spray nozzles.


Bartek Wojcieszynski

Bartek joined us as BTEC student in 2019 and despite Covid 19 successfully completed his course in the summer of 2020. We have now taken him on in an apprenticeship and he is studying for an HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Bedford college. He is a key part of the production team learning the practical aspects of building electrical control systems alongside his more theoretical college work.


Peter Lai

Peter has been assembling many of our products since 2019. After successfully completing his BTEC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering he has now started an HNC at Bedford College.

Tom Atkinson

Tom joined us recently as a BTEC student on the pilot T-Level programme. He is now part of our assembly team two days a week.

Ruth Lawrence


Ruth is our operations manager responsible for the smooth running of our production operation. She has an HNC in computer science and gained considerable experience in electronic production prior to completing a masters in management from Cranfield University in 2021.