We provide computer vision guidance and control technology for agriculture

We develop and manufacture complete control systems for
machinery manufacturers who wish to provide their customers with the very best
in precision guidance. Most applications are concerned with field crop
protection, usually weed control. 




State-of-the-art technology
Proven performance
Sustainable food production

Using the latest camera and computing technology combined with our own algorithms and electronics we accurately guide a variety of crop protection tools, mechanical, chemical and biological.

With over 2000 systems sold and over 20 years of field experience, our products offer unprecedented performance under real field conditions.

Our technology reduces the need for chemicals to control weeds offering a sustainable way forward for farmers whilst protecting the environment and offering safe affordable food to consumers.


The most common application is precision alignment of cultivators between crop rows where a farmer wishes to reduce or eliminate herbicide input by weeding mechanically. Compared to traditional manual approaches our technology reduces operator stress, provides higher accuracy, higher speeds and facilitates multi-bout spanning operation for even higher work rates. As herbicide use becomes increasingly restricted there has been much interest in using the same well proven inter-row technology to guide band spraying equipment.


This allows operators to apply different products and different doses between and within crop rows thus increasing the flexibility with which existing herbicides can be used. Our other more sophisticated applications involve locating and tracking individual crop or weed plants and treating them mechanically, chemically or with a biological control. In many cases these facilitate environmentally friendly methods of crop protection that would not be practical without our technology. Additional video material including tutorials for our GigE based products can be found here.