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About Us

Tillett and Hague Technology was formed in 2005 to provide automation technology expertise for the agricultural industry that would otherwise have been lost on the closure of Silsoe Research Institute.

Over the past twelve years our business has evolved from one based largely on contract research into a manufacturer of complete control systems for machinery manufacturers. The company's main focus continues to be highly innovative research and development in computer vision based guidance and control.  However, we are now able to take our research findings directly into commercial products that can dramatically improve the precision of agricultural crop protection operations. To date over 900 machines have been sold incorporating our computer vision technology.

We have a broad range of expertise in the field of automation covering mechanical design, electronics, real time computing and control. This allows us to develop integrated in-house solutions, though we collaborate closely with industrial and academic partners in a variety of disciplines.

Nick Tillett BSc, PhD, CEng, MIMechE, MIAgrE

Nick Tillett
Nick is a mechanical engineer by training who gained his PhD in robotics applied to horticulture. He has 4 years experience in manufacturing industry followed by 20 years experience of research in agricultural automation at Silsoe Research Institute. The later ranging from Robot milking to cauliflower harvesting. His most recent work has concentrated on vision guidance for applications such as inter-row cultivation and precision chemical application. This has led to a number of joint awards including: Engineering applied to Agriculture 2000 from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Engineering Council Environment award 2001, the RASE technology award 2005, a EurAgEng Outstanding Paper Award in 2008 and a IAgrE innovation award in 2016. He has led a number of collaborative projects and has considerable experience of working with agricultural engineering companies, farmer?s organisations and government departments.

Tony Hague BSc, DPhil, CEng, MIEE

Tony Hague
Tony obtained his first degree in computer systems engineering and went on to obtain his PhD in motion planning for autonomous vehicles. He has a very long standing interest in robotics and automation having worked on an autonomous container port vehicle before joining Silsoe Research Institute in 1993. His work at Silsoe concentrated on vision guidance and autonomous operation for field crop protection applications. The technical quality of this work was recognised by a number of joint awards including: Engineering applied to Agriculture 2000 from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the Engineering Council Environment award 2001.

Tim Hales

Tim Hales
Tim joined us as applications engineer in 2016.  His career started with an apprenticeship as an electrical mechanical maintenance engineer which he successfully completed in 2007.  Tim joined Garford Farm Machinery in 2009 rising to become technical manager.  At Garfords Tim's responsibilities included general technical and electronic support for the production and service of Robocrop products using Tillett and Hague vision guidance.  He therefore has unparalleled practical experience of applying our technology to field machines.

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